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Treasure, Decentralized Game Publisher
What is Treasure? Read this article to find out all you need to know.

What is Treasure?

Treasure is an innovative decentralized game publisher on Arbitrum that supports numerous community-driven games. Each game is distinct and backed by its own independent project.

However, all games are linked by the usage of MAGIC, a valuable resource, and Treasure’s native token. Each project invents its own lore and narrative around the precious resource, creating a multifaceted web of interrelated metaverses within the Treasure ecosystem.

On top of serving as a narrative tool in the Treasure DAO ecosystem on Arbitrum, MAGIC also drives the economy, facilitating marketplace transactions. Through strategic MAGIC emissions, the DAO nurtures new projects and sustains established ones, solidifying the token as a key reserve currency.

Overall, the Treasure consists of various components unique to its ecosystem. 

Components of Treasure

What are the components of Treasure? Here are 4 components you need to know. Don't forget to read the full article for more information.
  • MAGIC: This is the native token of Treasure on Arbitrum. It also drives narratives in metaverses within the ecosystem. It’s used for transactions, growth support, and as a key resource in the central metaverse, Bridgeworld.
  • gMAGIC: Governance MAGIC, or gMAGIC, is the governance version of the MAGIC token. It is allocated to long-term stakeholders in Treasure DAO. Note that only staked MAGIC or MAGIC-WETH SLP counts for voting, promoting community commitment to the project’s success.
  • Bridgeworld: This is the central metaverse in Treasure. It is here that MAGIC is emitted and harvested. There are also characters called Legions and resources dubbed “Treasures.” Legions use treasures to mine MAGIC. 
  • Gamifying Liquidity: tying it to metaverse features like weather, time, and spatial reach, Treasure envisions MAGIC as an unevenly distributed natural resource, fostering co-op play. Long-term plans include cross-chain expansion, potentially creating a cosmos-based app-specific chain.

Staking in Treasure

You can earn rewards by staking your MAGIC in Treasure. These rewards are given primarily in additional MAGIC tokens, but other forms are also available. These include access to exclusive events or content within the ecosystem and gMAGIC, which gives you voting rights in governance decisions. 

What can I use Treasure for?

What can I use Treasure for? Here are 5 need-to-know use cases. Read the full article for all the information you need to know.
  1. Gaming: Treasure is composed of many immersive metaverses built by the community. Each metaverse allows you to experience unique narratives and economies.
  2. Staking: Stalking is a good way to secure your MAGIC or SLP tokens in the Harvesters to earn rewards.
  3. Governance: You will be able to use your gMAGIC tokens to participate in governance decisions for the DAO.
  4. Trading: Treasure also lets you exchange assets like NFTs and tokens.
  5. Community: Treasure boasts a thriving community of innovators and enthusiasts. By joining this community, you contribute to the expansion and development of the ecosystem.

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