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Cryptocurrency and blockchain represent an exciting new opportunity for many. However, its complexity and highly technical nature can make it incredibly difficult for the majority of us to understand.

Dypto’s mission is simple – to share the amazing world of cryptocurrency with everyone. We hope to empower people by breaking down topics and thoroughly explaining things in simple, everyday language. That way, we can all benefit from this innovative technology and take part in the future of money and finance.

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Sharing the incredible world of cryptocurrency in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

Our Mission

Meet our team of expert crypto educators, dedicated to demystifying blockchain technology and digital currencies.

Peter Steiner

Peter Steiner

‘Peter came up with the idea for after he tried to learn about crypto on his own and got lost in the forest of jargon. Crypto can be very tough to understand especially if you’re new to this ‘world’. Peter is an instructional designer. He knows how to break learning into digestible bits and pieces. So, he thought, ‘why not take all the cryptic crypto jargon and present it so even a fifth grader can get it, then maybe I’ll get it too’.

And, voila, Dypto arrived.

But he needed a way for Dypto to explain things correctly and to make sure the visuals were easy to understand. So, he looked around for a top-notch explainer in the crypto world and found CJ and the Techtonic team. Now, Peter is the editor and publisher of

Peter Steiner

Chief Explainer of Everything Crypto

CJ is the founder and head honcho at Techtonic Marketing, a content marketing company specializing in the tech and crypto industry.

There’s not much CJ doesn’t know about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi. And he loves to share his passion for this fascinating and ever-evolving industry.

With his knowledge and talent for communicating, CJ has built Techtonic Marketing into a top-tier provider of content for a wide variety of brands, companies, and startups.
As Chief Explainer for, CJ makes sure everything Dypto teaches us is correct and up to date.