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Cryptocurrency is a term used to describe many different digital currencies and “tokens” that live on a blockchain.


Blockchains are shared databases that store different types of information such as cryptocurrency transactions.


Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency and blockchain. It was invented in 2009 by a person known as “Satoshi Nakamoto”.


Ethereum is the most popular blockchain because it allows other people to create unique “apps” called smart contracts.


An “altcoin” is any cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency token other than Bitcoin (BTC)


A wallet is a type of software that allows users to access and use their cryptocurrency, tokens, NFTs, and more.

How to Guides

Quick and simple guides for crypto

A quick start guide to beginning your journey into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Easy to follow directions for setting up a cryptocurrency wallet and how to use it on a blockchain.

A step-by-step guide to setting up an account with a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (CEX) so you can buy, sell, trade, and send cryptocurrency.

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