Native Token

What is a native token

Native tokens are blockchain-based digital assets. They are the currency created by the blockchain for payments needed to maintain it. 


What is ethereum

Ethereum is one of the largest and most popular public blockchains. Its native currency is the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH).

Decentralized Finance

What is decentralized finance

DeFi is an abbreviation for “Decentralized Finance,” which refers to certain financial services available on public blockchains like Ethereum. 


what is a peg

A peg is a monetary policy tool that allows a crypto coin or token’s value to be fixed to that of another asset, currency, or commodity

Cryptocurrency Wallet

What is a cryptocurrency wallet

A crypto wallet is a hardware device or software program that lets users access and use cryptocurrencies.

Public Key

what is a public key

In the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, a public key is a unique string of characters generated by a crypto wallet’s algorithm. It is used to encrypt data. 

Private Key

what is a private key

A private key in cryptocurrency serves as the master password to your wallet and all the crypto associated with it.

Distributed Ledger

what is a distributed ledger

A distributed ledger is a type of electronic database that is shared among computers spread out in different locations.   

Spot Market

what is a spot market

A spot market is a marketplace where cryptocurrencies are traded immediately at the prevailing market prices.  

Block Emission

what is block emission

Block emission refers to the rate at which new cryptocurrency coins or tokens are released into circulation