Earn While You Learn: A Program for Absolute Beginners

New Winners. Every Month.

Monthly Drawings:

Once you sign up, you’re automatically entered into our monthly drawing for $100 in Bitcoin. No gimmicks, just rewards.

Earn as You Learn:

Complete our modules and quizzes to not only deepen your understanding of crypto but also to earn additional entries into the monthly drawing.

Immediate Entry:

The moment you sign up, you’re part of the Learn 2 Win program. No hidden terms, no fine print.

And that’s not all… 
You also have the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is.

The Double or Nothing Challenge

If you invest $10 into our platform, you’ll get $20 back.  Yes. You read that right. On just one condition…Learning. 

Keep yourself accountable by putting in $10.

If you successfully complete all 5 modules and the final test, we’ll double your money and deposit $20 worth of Bitcoin in your Youhodler account!

All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Follow the sign up process on Dypto Crypto to access our crypto learning modules.

2. Select “Crypto Challenge” during the sign up and pay the $10.

3. Go through the modules and pass all of the quizzes within 30 days.

4. We deposit $20 worth of Bitcoin straight into your account.

 It’s that easy.